With Scratchpad, you can take organized and easy to read notes with our quick formatting options.

How to format text:

  1. Highlight the text you want to format

  2. Select the appropriate formatting from the menu that appears.

Bulleted lists

  • If you type a dash, spacebar, then start typing, it will turn into a bulleted list
    I.e. type  "- hello world"

Numbered lists

  1. If you type the number one, period, spacebar, then start typing, it will become a numbered list
    I.e type - "1. any characters"

How to add a checkbox to your notes:

Never miss a step in your deal plan. Keep track of to-do's and action items with checkboxes in your Scratchpad notes.

To insert a checkbox:

  • open square bracket [

  • closed square bracket ]

  • spacebar

How to add Images and gifs to your notes:

Add screenshots, images, or gifs to bring your notes to the next level.

  1. Copy and Paste:

    1. Copy any screenshot, image or gif.

    2. Paste into your notes.

  2. Drag and drop:

    1. Grab any downloaded image from your computer or browser and drag into your Scratchpad notes.

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