We get it - you're busy and don't have time to learn about all the features of Scratchpad. You just want to know how Scratchpad can make taking sales notes, updating your pipeline, working with daily todos, and updating Salesforce faster - for you.

We'll help you do that in a short 15-30 min call. 

Schedule your 1:1 onboarding / best practice session with us.

  • We'll first understand how you work today and what you need to enter into Salesforce

  • We'll then help you customize Scratchpad to do your work faster

  • We'll also give you tips on new ways of working and share best practices we've seen across the top-performing reps we're talking to

Pick a time that works for you


We might even be able to hop on right now (you'll see the option if we're available).

There's no cost and you can schedule as many sessions as you like. 

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