Creating a new tile is an easy to keep your most frequent workflows front and center in Scratchpad. And when you add it to the magic of our "Command+J" feature you've now taken these important fields with you as you work across the web.

  1. Open up the Pipeline tab in Scratchpad

  2. Select the expand arrows to the left of the row to open the Quick Edit view. (Pro Tip: Hitting the space bar while a cell is outlined will also open the Quick Edit view for that Opportunity).

  3. Select the "+" button within the grid of Tiles at the top of frame.

  4. Name your New Tile. (Pro Tip: We ❤️ emojis! They make it easier to distinguish different tiles).

  5. Select the Gear Icon ⚙ to the right and click on "Field and Related Lists".

  6. Select the information you want to include in your Tile. FIELD lists all the fields assigned to that object in Salesforce. Sometimes they are editable, such as "Next Step Date", and sometimes they are not, such as "Created Date". RELATED items are Objects that are tied to that Opportunity. Such as an account, tasks, etc.

  7. Your Tile saves automatically and can now be accessed anywhere from Scratchpad!

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