Today, notes may be freeform for yourself or lack standardization amongst your organization. You might copy and paste a template for your from a previous notes to help or take them in an application that lacks a direct connection to your CRM. This can causes a waste of time setting up the same note every call or a lack of companywide standards leading to poor info retention and team collaboration later on. In Scratchpad, you can set notes templates for yourself and share them with others to create better structure, support teammates to guide calls, and efficiently surface important info in the future.

To make a note template, follow these steps:

  1. Open up Scratchpad Notes. Add a new note by selecting the "+" symbol in the upper left corner or NEW NOTE in the bottom left. Give your template a title and add in the template copy.

  2. Click the "..." in the top right corner and select "Set as Template".

  3. On the free version of Scratchpad, the template will set as a "Personal" template. If you've purchased a Team plan, you may chose between "Personal" or "Organizational" template; with a Business plan, there's the additional option of "Role-based" templates.

  4. To use your newly created template, create a new note by using the "+" symbol > give the note a Title > Click on the "note or template" link > search for your template by name or select it from the options listed out.

Here’s a video showing you how:

Okay, I'm making a template now... but how do I customize text formatting? Start here!

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