Want to create Folders or organize your Accounts? Or to manage your Discovery Calls and Demos? By creating Folders in Scratchpad Notes it's easy to stay organized and up to date with your business.

To Create a Folder

  1. Open the notes tab of your Scratchpad Workspace in the top left-hand corner

  2. To create a Folder you simply need to create a new Note

    • you can do this at the top of the left-hand side bar by clicking the plus (+) button

    • or at the bottom of the left-hand side bar by clicking the button for New Note

  3. Give the Note a title for your Folder, but no need to place any text within the document

  4. Hover over the title of the note you just created in the side bar and you'll see a NEW plus (+) button appear to the right hand side of the Folder Name.

  5. Click on this plus button to create a sub-folder or note inside this folder.

To Manage Your Folders

  1. Click on the toggle triangle to the left of the Folder to open and close the folder.

  2. If you want to move notes from one folder to another simply OPEN BOTH folders and drag and drop the notes from one folder to the next.

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