Delegating tasks is easy in Scratchpad, from within your pipeline or anywhere on the web.

Click CMD+J (Mac) or CTRL+J (PC) from ANY website to launch Scratchpad Command.

Select Create New Task.

By default, you can give the task a title and description. To link additional details to the task, assign it to a rep, give it a due date, or relate it to an account or opportunity, select the gear ('Fields') icon to the right, and check off the fields you want to see attached to the task. Fill out your new fields, click 'create task' and you're good to go!

To assign a task during a pipeline review-

Click once on the opportunity in your pipeline, and then hit the space bar.

You should now see an expanded view of the opportunity. Click on the Tasks icon on the right sidebar.

From this pop-out view you can now see any existing tasks on this opportunity and you can create a NEW Task by clicking on the plus sign to the righthand corner. Notice that the fields you pulled in earlier are already there - now you can assign tasks without ever leaving your pipeline view.

***When assigning tasks to others, you must fill out all relevant tasks fields BEFORE assigning it to someone else.

Check out this quick video for a walk-through!

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