Want to create a Folder for all the views you use daily vs weekly? Or to organize folders for different people on your team? By creating folders for Scratchpad Pipeline Views it's easy to stay organized, reduce clutter, and focus on what's most important moment to moment.

To Create a Folder

  1. Open the Pipeline tab of your Scratchpad Workspace in the top left-hand corner of your screen

  2. To create a folder you'll need to pop-open the sidebar where all your views live.

    1. Click on the toggle in the upper left-hand corner of your Pipeline Dashboard to the left of your current view's title.

  3. Hover over the Header "My Views" and you'll see a plus button appear to the right

  4. Select "New Folder" from this menu and give your new folder a title

  5. Click on this plus button to create a sub-folder or new pipeline view inside this folder.

To Manage Your Folders

  1. Click on the toggle triangle to the left of the Folder to open and close the folder.

  2. If you want to move views from one folder to another simply OPEN BOTH folders and drag and drop the notes from one folder to the next.

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