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Sharing and Receiving Pipeline Views via Link
Sharing and Receiving Pipeline Views via Link
Prepare your views in Scratchpad to be shared with others in your org!
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Before, users would share data regarding their pipeline with others through weekly touch-base meetings, email, and slack. Today, users can create a custom view in Scratchpad and share said view with the team to ensure that there are no gaps in communication or data!

Learn how to:

To Share a View

  1. Customize your view with fields and filters you are wanting to share with your team or teammate

    1. To have the recipient see EXACTLY what you see, make sure to change the filters to "All [Record type]" vs. "My [Record type]" and add a filter for "[Record] Owner Is [Your Name]"

    2. To have the recipient see what you see but based on their opportunities, accounts, etc, you will want to leave the "My [Record type]" filter as is.

  2. Time to share! Click the person icon located at the top right of your view and select Copy Link. To learn about sharing your view Organizationally, click HERE.

  3. Now send this link to anyone you would like to have access to the view you've created!

Open and Saving a view shared with me

  1. Click the Scratchpad Link shared with you

  2. Click the "Save to View List" button above your shared view or click on the ellipses in the middle of your pipeline view to Duplicate View and make your own.

❓What happens if a user opens a link to a Pipeline View, but they don't have that object added in Pipeline?

β†’ The user will receive an error and will have to add the add the object to their Scratchpad Pipeline before trying the link again.

❓ Why can't I see Deal Spotlights on a view that was shared with me?

β†’ Deal Spotlights are only available on our Forecasting & Inspection Plan, so if you are on the free plan, you will be unable to see the Deal Spotlights on a view that was shared with you.

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