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Collaboration Across The Sales Team Through Commenting
Collaboration Across The Sales Team Through Commenting
Help your entire sales team driving revenue with Commenting!
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Before, sales teams needed to check their email, Slack, Chatter, and notes to stay up to-date on opportunities moving from role to role in the sales team. Today, all members of the sales team can comment right on a record in Scratchpad, tagging others, and keeping the communication isolated to that record.




πŸ‘‰ Manager POV

πŸ‘‡Want to learn how to collab like this?!πŸ‘‡

In the videos below, you will see collaboration through commenting between a business development rep, account executive, sales engineer, and account manager on a single opportunity.

BDR/SDR Point of view:

AE Point of view:

SE Point of view:

Manager Point of view:

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