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Grid View for Closed Won Opportunities
Grid View for Closed Won Opportunities
Let's create a view that lets you see how you're tracking against your quota!
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Picture this: it is the end of the month or the quarter and you are trying to find all the closed won deals you worked so hard for! Or, you want to track how many you are going to close but don't want to have to search for all the opportunities in Salesforce.

We've got you covered!

  1. From your Opportunities Pipeline, either create or duplicate a new grid view.

  2. Go to Fields and bring in: closed date, stage, and amount/ACV

  3. Add this filter: [Stage] [is] [Closed Won]

    **Remove [Closed] [is] [false] if present.

  4. For last month/quarter, add this filter: [Closed date] [is] [Last month] or [Last Fiscal Quarter]

  5. If we want to track for the current month/quarter, all we have to do is add this filter: [Closed date] [is] [This Month] or [This Fiscal Quarter]

  6. To see the total sum of in the "amount/ACV/ect" column, select "calculate" and then hit "sum" to get the exact amount

    πŸ‘‰ If you want to create both of these views, all you have to do is duplicate the first view and change the filter accordingly

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