Chrome Extension vs. Web App
Extension or Web App? The choice is yours!
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We get asked all the time which is better: "Scratchpad through the Chrome extension or Scratchpad through the web app?" The honest answer is this: Scratchpad works best when it's delighting the user, in whatever format works best for them.

πŸ‘‰ Web App

With that said, there are some pros and cons to the Chrome extension and the Web App version. There's also a way to bring together both worlds into one beautifully efficient flow.

Let's talk about the differences first:

Chrome Extension

Web App

Scratchpad Command

aka: Scratchpad On The Go

Keep your Home Page

& favorites untouched

Integrate with other


you're already using

Using other Chrome Extensions in Scratchpad

Think: dialers, Loom, TextBlaze, ZoomInfo, etc

Imbedded Scratchpad capabilities

in your existing Salesforce

Use Scratchpad on

your phone

πŸ‘‡πŸ» Let's see what this looks like in action: πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Part 1: Chrome Extension

Scratchpad Command (aka: Scratchpad On The Go)

Sync Scratchpad with other applications

Embed Scratchpad into Salesforce Reports

Part 2: Web App

Keep your Home page

Use Chrome Extensions in Scratchpad

Use Scratchpad on your phone

Part 3: Best of Both Worlds

How to use the Web App when Chrome is enabled

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