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Automations: Notify Reps of Opps w/ No Activity in 10 Days
Automations: Notify Reps of Opps w/ No Activity in 10 Days

Help your team stay on top of their opportunities with Automated Deal Alerts and Scratchpad Inbox

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Salespeople have a lot going on in their world 🌎 Often times, opportunities can fall through the cracks if no action is taken. With Scratchpad Studio, Sales Leaders and RevOps can set-up Automated Deal Alerts to ensure opportunities are up to date and ready to close ✅

Let's do it together!

1. Navigate to the Gear icon in the bottom left corner of your Scratchpad Homepage

2. Select Studio under "Organization"

3. Select Automations from the options on the left

4. Select + Create Automation in the top right corner of the screen

5. Create a name for your Automation and select the day/time you would like the Automation to be sent

6. Select Opportunity as your object and create two conditions:

  • Last Activity is on or before Number of days ago - 10 (This will surface opportunities with no activity within the last 10+ days)

  • Closed is False (This will ensure that the surfaced opportunities are not Closed)

7. By default, the Opportunity Owner will receive this Notification. Select your Delivery Method (Scratchpad Inbox and/or Slack)

8. Include a message with optional variables (ex. Opportunity Name) to provide additional context for the Notification

9. Select Save in the top right corner - and you're done! Woohoo 🥳

Here's a step-by-step video overview:

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