Cards: Sell Product More Effectively

With Scratchpad Cards, you now have a dynamic coaching tool that surfaces information as your AE is updating their sales notes during calls.

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Have you ever tried to roll out a highly-requested new product or feature, but your Account Executives (AE) are having trouble remembering to talk about it in renewals or new deals? Or, are your AE's remembering to highlight the product or feature, but are forgetting key details about it because the information they need is housed in external wikis and docs? Maybe they try to navigate to said wiki or doc causing them to have to click out of their call information or notes.

Well, don't you fret - Scratchpad has a BETTER WAY!

With Scratchpad Cards, you can easily bring new product information to your sales reps' fingertips! Scratchpad Cards is a dynamic coaching tool, which will surface new product information in your sales reps' Scratchpad Notes. This provides a subtle yet helpful reminder for your reps about all of the important details about the valuable tool, product, or feature you worked very hard to create and implement for your customers.

Are you wondering how to create a Card? Click here for a quick and easy walkthrough of how to create Cards in Studio.

With Scratchpad Cards, your reps are set up for success and effective selling with all of the information they need at their fingertips! Happy selling!

Want to see how it will work, Joe will show you below ⬇️

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