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Scratchpad Studio is the toolkit your sales team has been waiting for, built to remove complexity from your sales tech stack

Updated this week

Scratchpad Studio gets sales and ops teams working together more harmoniously to close deals

If you are on a sales team, you have, at some point, experienced challenges related to updating opportunities, deal notes living outside of Salesforce (thereby cluttering pipeline hygiene), or maybe even changes to internal processes that happen far too frequently.

Scratchpad Studio obliterates the aforementioned complexity by providing a space for RevOps to configure sales processes that are both seamless and responsive, better supporting sales reps in closing deals. In Studio, RevOps can design deal alerts for Slack notifications, create informational cards to guide meetings, deploy easy-to-follow sales methodologies reps, and sync note data to Salesforce - all from a workspace that you and your team already love.

  • Automations: Configure actionable alerts that go directly to reps in Slack for instant remediation, such as activity on stalled opportunities; you can also share closed-won deals with your team

  • Cards: Sales collateral, product info, and competitive intel can all be stored on cards for easy reference; during a meeting, for example, if a prospect compares you to the competition, reps can pull up battle cards with key information that allows them to respond in the moment, rather than having to follow up later, which inadvertently progresses the sales process

  • Notes Sync: Improve deal visibility and deal handoffs by backing up and syncing all deal notes from reps within Scratchpad; bye bye Google notes, Apple notes, and whoever those other guys are πŸ‘‹πŸΎ

  • Tiles: Tiny but mighty, tiles function as shortcuts for required Salesforce fields, allowing reps to quickly update required fields in the moment; design and deploy tiles for converting leads, MEDDICC, next steps, etc

  • Deal Spotlighting: Color code your deals that meet certain criteria so you can quickly drive action with urgency while in pipeline view

Revenue Operations just got a little less complex with Scratchpad Studio.

Bye, bye 'Blob Monster' πŸ‘‹πŸΎ πŸ‘Ύ

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