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A Better Way: Get Notified When Deals are Pushed to Next Quarter
A Better Way: Get Notified When Deals are Pushed to Next Quarter

Receive a notification when deals are pushed to the next quarter.

Updated this week

Reps do their best to accurately forecast their pipeline for when deals will close, but there are moments when deals need to push to the next quarter. Often times, there’s limited or no context when a rep pushes a deal to the next quarter in Salesforce and it isn’t always communicated. If it happens too often, your entire forecast risks becoming unreliable.

Now, you can set up an automation that notifies sales managers the moment a deal pushes to the next quarter so they’re aware and able to quickly ascertain why to understand the deal health.

  1. Navigate to Studio from the settings wheel in the bottom left corner

  2. Select Automation and click on +Create Automation

  3. Name your automation - ie: Deals Pushed to next Q

  4. Select Change-Based under automation type

  5. The conditions should match below (video)

  6. Decide who you would like to be notified

  7. Select your delivery method(s)

  8. Add a custom message to be received with the notification

  9. Click Save in the upper right corner, and you're done!

Let's see it in action! ⬇️

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