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Coaching Reps on Methodology Adherence
Coaching Reps on Methodology Adherence
Use Commenting to help your teams communicate
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Sales managers tell us all the time how important sales methodology is to the success of their teams. Communication is one of the best ways to ensure that teams are operating within their teams' methodology.

Today, that communication is happening through slack messages or emails... And getting looked over, missed, or forgotten about...

We want to show you a better way using Scratchpad to easily communicate with teams to ensure adherence.


  1. Open the Opportunity Grid view to show the necessary fields that you want to see - let's use Next Steps as an example.

  2. Here are the two main ways to comment on the record to tag a specific rep

    a. Use Scratchpad Commenting and tag a specific rep


    b. Comment in an individual field

  3. The recipient will see a purple triangle in the top right corner of the field to alert them there is a comment for them.

    πŸŽ‰ That's it! Rinse and repeat as needed!

See it in action! ⬇️

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