MEDDICC Notes Using Cards
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Have you adopted any MEDD sales methodologies like MEDDICC, or BANT but having trouble with your reps remembering the talking points or information related to each part?

Here's the Scratchpad solution!

With Scratchpad Cards in Scratchpad Studio we can now create reminders around each sales methodology!

  1. In Scratchpad, navigate to the settings gear icon in the bottom left of the screen

  2. Select Studio

  3. In Studio, select Cards

  4. In cards, in the top right corner, select "Create Card"

  5. How to set up a card:

    1. Give the card a title

    2. Add short but informative content for your reps

    3. Add a Tag so whenever the word is typed. It will trigger the card pop up to show.

  6. It is now time to test your new card(s)!

  7. Let's go into Scratchpad notes and type in the tag.

  8. To surface the card, click the keyword - it will be underlined in yellow.

  9. The pop up will create an expanded view on the right side of your screen where the card and all of your helpful information will be present.

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