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Create Separate Chrome Profiles for Different Salesforce Instances
Create Separate Chrome Profiles for Different Salesforce Instances
Learn how to use Chrome Profiles to use Scratchpad across multiple SFDC Instances
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Does your organization have multiple Salesforce Instances? If so, you might be wondering how to toggle between them in Scratchpad. With Chrome Profiles, you can easily distinguish your different instances to ensure you are always looking at the right data. Let's get into it! βœ…

First, ensure you have a profile set up for your main SFDC instance. To create a profile for your second instance:

  1. Navigate to Profiles in your Chrome Window (Circle icon to the right of your Chrome Address Bar)

  2. Select + Add to create a new profile

  3. When prompted to set up your new Chrome Profile, choose "Continue without an account" (this will ensure your profiles stay separate)

  4. Name your new profile, select a theme color, and add a profile picture to help distinguish one SFDC instance from another

Once your profile is created, download the Scratchpad Chrome Extension on your new profile and sign-in with the credentials for your second SFDC Instance - and that's it!

Now, you can easily toggle between your instances and have the correct data right at your fingertips πŸš€

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