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A Better Way: Streamlining AE and SE Collaboration on Opportunities in Notes
A Better Way: Streamlining AE and SE Collaboration on Opportunities in Notes
Improve collaboration across Sales Engineering and Account Executive teams from anywhere on the web.
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Are you having trouble collaborating within Salesforce? Do you deal with long load times or tab bloat? Are you using different note taking tools and having hard time collaborating on notes together?

Great news! Scratchpad has your back!

Improving Account Executive and Sales Engineer collaboration means turning more opportunities into deals for your organization. But when it comes to ensuring all opportunity notes and relevant data are shared and available for your teams, the current way just won't cut it. Fortunately, there's a better way with Scratchpad!

Don’t miss critical information in SFDC. Just simply update opportunities with all the information your team needs wherever you are on the web.

  1. Search for the opportunity that you (SE) and your AE work are working on via Scratchpad Command anywhere on the web or Search and Create (Top right hand corner in Scratchpad.)

  2. Select the Opportunity then click on the Notes icon πŸ“„ to view the collab notes you and the AE have after a call

Check it out!

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