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Notify reps and managers of changes or stalled opportunities in open pipeline.
Notify reps and managers of changes or stalled opportunities in open pipeline.

Help reps and managers by proactively alerting them when deals are stuck in stages, have increased or decreased in value, or have pushed.

Updated over a week ago

Sales managers have had a hard time knowing where deals are stuck or stalled. Before, they got this information by making a very complicated report in Salesforce or by talking to reps who shared the information at the right time.

Below are some tips and tools that can help you see which deals require attention and how to alert your reps and managers in advance so that they can take immediate action.

  1. Open Settings and go to Studio > Automations

  2. Click Create Automation

    • Choose a name such as "Stalled Deals"

  3. Decide when you want the alert to go out to your team by setting the Schedule for a specific time and day of the week

  4. Set the Conditions. For instance, you may choose "Days in stage" that is greater than or equal to a certain timeframe. This would alert you when a stage has been idle for too long.

  5. Choose the account owners or other recipients you want to receive the alert

    • You can send it via Scratchpad inbox or Slack.

  6. Add an action message

    • Pro Tip: Use variable fields to make it even easier! Done! You have now set it up and can enjoy more time in your day!

Done! You've set it up, now enjoy the time back in your day!

Check out this Better Way Video on How to Take Immediate Action on Stuck Deals ⬇️

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