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A Better Way: Quick AE & SDR Collaboration
A Better Way: Quick AE & SDR Collaboration
A workflow for AE's and SDR's to collaborate on key accounts
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Haley - "Hey Brian - did you get that slack I sent you about the ACME account?"

Brian - "No"

Haley - "That is a really important account and has a lot of money on the line for us"

Brian - "I didn't get it"

Haley - "Dang it, Brian......... Come on......... I am not mad, I am just disappointed"

Have you ever been in this situation?

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Most teams right now might be communicating in multiple different places (email, slack, etc). This lack of simple and consistent communication can cause important information to be lost, which can impact the bottom line.

At Scratchpad, we hear all the time about how it important it is to be able to communicate across teams quickly and efficiently. It is especially important be able to communicate on key accounts. Being on point for key accounts = more $.

Let's not be Haley and Brian - we have a better way!

  1. Add Record Comment

  2. Tag SDR - "Please Follow Up"

  3. Add Field Level Comment - "Please Verify"

πŸ”₯ You now have successfully avoided the disappointment of losing important information! When everyone is on the same page, you can make more $$$!

Let's see it in action ⬇️

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