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Remind Reps of Opportunities Missing Next Steps
Remind Reps of Opportunities Missing Next Steps
Help your team stay on top of their Next Steps with Automated Deal Alerts in Scratchpad Studio
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Having up-to-date data is crucial for revenue teams - and so many decisions are made based off of an organization's data quality. Remembering to update every bit of information on an Opportunity, including Next Steps, can be challenging for sales reps who are already inundated with tedious tasks, adhering to methodologies, meeting with customers, closing deals and much more.

With Scratchpad Studio, Sales Leaders and RevOps can set-up Automated Deal Alerts to ensure Next Steps are always updated βœ…

Let's do it together!

1. Navigate to the Gear icon in the bottom left corner of your Scratchpad Homepage

2. Select Studio under "Organization"

3. Select Automations from the options on the left

4. Select + Create Automation in the top right corner of the screen

5. Create a name for your Automation and select the day/time you would like the Automation to be sent

6. Select Opportunity as your object and create two conditions:

  • Next Step is empty

  • Closed is False (This will ensure that the surfaced opportunities are not Closed)

7. By default, the Opportunity Owner will receive this Notification. Select your Delivery Method (Scratchpad Inbox and/or Slack)

8. Include a message with optional variables (ex. Opportunity Name) to provide additional context for the Notification

9. Select Save in the top right corner - and you're done! Woohoo πŸ₯³

Here's a step-by-step video overview:

🚨 Automations are available on paid licenses.

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