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You've purchased Scratchpad, now what??
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Congratulations on purchasing Scratchpad!

We’re so delighted that you’ve chosen to streamline your revenue team’s processes into an all-in-one workspace that connects teammates and speeds up standardization, all while allowing individuals to customize workflows to their personal style.

Our User Delight Team is here to ensure a smooth deployment of Scratchpad within your organization and to provide ongoing support, guidance, and best practices.

Set up your personal Scratchpad workspace in less than 30 seconds by following 3 simple steps.

  1. Install the Chrome Extension

  2. Sign in with your Salesforce credentials.

We offer a wide range of services to help every member of your team feel confident they’re getting the most out of Scratchpad. Check out our list of options and suggested sessions below.

For Admins: Studio Overview & Configuration of Company Standards

At Scratchpad, we understand that a well-thought-out process is crucial for setting clear standards and expectations for your teams. We recommend these sessions to complete all org-wide or role-based configurations to facilitate a smooth transition from your existing workflows and ensure alignment with your company’s initiatives and priorities.

What’s included: Click here to schedule

  1. Unlimited sessions, ranging from 30 min - 1 hour

  2. 1:1 Overview of Studio: including Members List and Automations. (Role designer and Cards included with Business Plan)

  3. Configuration of org-wide Pipeline Views and Tiles. (Role-based configuration with Business Plan)

For Teams: Group Training Sessions

At Scratchpad, we recognize the importance of effective enablement and ensuring consistency across your teams. We recommend group training sessions as a kick-off when you first deploy Scratchpad, or when new internal processes are implemented. These sessions offer a high-level overview of the Scratchpad Workspace with a focus on workflows that drive results.

What’s included: Click here to schedule

  1. Unlimited sessions, ranging from 45 min - 1 hour

  2. Participants will build confidence to explore their new workspace while learning a key set of workflows that have been identified as integral to your company’s initiatives and priorities.

  3. Fun and engaging facilitators prepped on your company’s priorities, with plenty of swag to share!

For Individuals: 1:1 Workspace Consultation

At Scratchpad, we know that the path to success may look different for each individual on your team. We recommend 1:1 sessions for every user to help them understand how Scratchpad can keep them on track with company standards and still allow them to lean into their personal strengths and preferred methods of organization.

What’s included: Click here to schedule

  1. Unlimited sessions, 30 min each

  2. Configuration of workflows that are important to the user, our team comes ready to learn and help!

  3. Tips and advice for ways to improve productivity and ultimately drive more revenue.

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