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Prospecting into Closed Lost Opportunities
Prospecting into Closed Lost Opportunities
Use cross-object filtering to identify prior closed lost opportunities you can prospect into!
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Are you a new AE assigned to accounts and responsible for finding your own opportunities? You came to the right place! We have an expert-level tip that can help you with your prospecting.

With cross-object filtering, you can look at all the closed lost opportunities related to the accounts you now newly own. Currently, if you did a filter for My Opportunities where the status was Closed Lost you likely will not see any accounts that you own because you did not own them when they were Closed Lost.

To surface the opportunities that existed before you were the account owner, follow the steps below and see it in action/.

  1. From your Opportunities Pipeline, either create or duplicate a new grid view.

  2. Go to filters and filter for [All Opportunities]

  3. Add a filter where [Account Owner] [is] [YOUR NAME]

  4. Add a filter where [Stage] [is] [Closed Lost]

  5. Add a filter where [Close Date] [is on or after] [date frame you want to focus on]

You are finished and ready to prospect πŸ₯³

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