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Expanded View and Tiles

Expand records for a deeper inspection and create shortcuts to common workflows with Tiles

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Navigating Salesforce can be a challenge with its complex page layouts and endless scrolling. Imagine if you could focus on the information you need without the hassle of searching for it.

With Scratchpad's Expanded View and Tiles, you can easily create shortcuts to your essential Salesforce fields and data. Whether you're an Account Executive looking to streamline your workflow, a Manager inspecting deals, or RevOps ensuring process compliance, Tiles offer the fastest and most efficient way to view and update records, manage pipeline, and follow processes.

Expanded View

Access Expanded View from:


Click the double-arrow icon to the left of the record name, or click on the record name once and hit the spacebar


Link a Note to a record


Use CMD/CTRL+J to search for and open any Salesforce record from any webpage


Creating a Tile

  1. Open Expanded View

  2. Select the All Tile

  3. Click the + icon to create a New Tile

  4. Name your Tile

  5. Click the βš™οΈ, then Fields & Related Lists to customize your Tile

    • Fields: This is data that lives on the "Details" tab within a record in Salesforce

    • Related Lists: This is the data that lives in the "Related" tab within a record in Salesforce, or on the right-hand side of the record page. This can include Contact Roles, Activity History, Notes, Products, Opportunities, and more.

Sharing a Tile

  1. Select or create your desired Tile

  2. Select the πŸ”’ to share your Tile

  3. Choose your desired share option

    1. Role Tile: share with specific roles

    2. Organizational Tile: share with all users at your organization

  4. Now users can pin this Tile to their Expanded View!

Pin and Organize Tiles

  1. Open Expanded View

  2. Select the All Tile

  3. Click the πŸ“Œ to the right of a Tile to pin it to the top of your Expanded View

  4. Click and drag Tiles to organize them in your preferred order

Types of Tiles

Overview Tile

The Overview Tile is unique to you and the object you're looking it. It cannot be shared with others

Creation Tiles

Use Creation Tiles to create net-new records in Salesforce - like Opportunities, Accounts, etc.

Methodology or Process Tiles

Create Tiles for your Sales Methodology or Process, like MEDDIC, BANT, etc., to make it easy for reps to fill out required information

Stage Progression Tiles

Create Tiles for the required fields needed to move a deal to the next stage - like Closed Won

Team Handoff Tiles

Create Tiles to ensure smooth handoffs from one team to another - like AEs passing off deals to SEs

How do you use Tiles? Let us know :)

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