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Zero Board for Outdated Next Steps
Zero Board for Outdated Next Steps

Learn how to create a Zero Board to ensure Next Steps are always up to date

Updated over a week ago

Are you a fan of Zero Boards for prioritizing your day and staying on track? So are we!

If this is your first experience with a Zero Board, think of it as a focused list of items that need your attention. The goal is to finish the tasks and have zero left up on the board, so your deals are always up to date.

Learn how to create a Zero Board in the video above, or follow the steps below!

  1. Navigate to Pipeline and create a new Grid View

  2. Add in your desired Fields, be sure to include Next Steps and/or Next Step Date

  3. Add Filters to surface out of compliance deals

    • Next Step is Empty

    • Next Step Date is on or before Today

    • Next Step Date is Empty

  4. Add Highlights to draw attention to these fields, use the above conditions

  5. Make the necessary updates and refresh your view until there are no deals left in your Zero Board!

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