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Tracking Progress on Sales Methodologies
Tracking Progress on Sales Methodologies
Track your Sales Methodology, whether it be MEDDICC, BANT, Command of the Message, or something else!
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Are reps struggling to update the fields in accordance with your company's sales methodology?

Finding the correct data fields in Salesforce can be tedious and fields included in your methodology can get overlooked. This leads to poor data hygiene, inaccurate forecasts, and concerning deal health. Scratchpad is here to help keep your data hygiene up using your organizations methodology of choice! These methodologies are a set of fields set as a standard across a sales team that need to be created and updated throughout the course of the deal to ensure data hygiene and an easy closing.


  1. Create a view and name it after the sales methodology of your choice

    • Check out the below example

  2. Bring in the fields relevant to your methodology.

    • Example: MEDDICC will add the fields Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision Maker, Decision Criteria, Identified Pain, Champion, Competition

  3. Quickly identify missing criteria needed to get your deal moved to closed won!

Let's see this in action!

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