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See how your forecast changes over time

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If you forecast using spreadsheets, Salesforce, or BI tools, it can be difficult and time-consuming to see a historical view of your pipeline and rep performance. These solutions don't offer daily snapshots of your sales team, making it challenging to track historical trends, especially when there are changes to your team.

To address this issue, we introduce Sales Trends Analytics.

Sales Trends Analytics automates daily tracking across reps, teams, and activities to provide a historical record of pipeline changes. This enables you to monitor the progress of deals over time and increases confidence in meeting sales targets. You can easily compare Commits to Best Case, for example, over the quarter and quickly understand why your pipeline has suddenly dropped or increased.

  1. Click Forecast from your Scratchpad Homepage, then Trends

  2. Click View in the top right of your Trends graph to edit the categories visible

    • Compare Closed vs. Commit, for example

  3. Drill down into a specific region, team, or time period to monitor deal progress

No more guessing or sifting through tabs and tabs of questionable spreadsheets. Experience unparalleled visibility into your forecast with Scratchpad.

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