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Scratchpad Notes Overview
Scratchpad Notes Overview

Learn how to create, view, format, sync, and organize your Notes!

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Are you living life on the edge taking notes directly in Salesforce and hoping you hit save before moving on to your next call? Or, are you having to remember and take the time to transfer all of your handwritten notes into Salesforce or copy and paste them from outside applications? Close more deals with all the information you need right at your fingertips. Sales notes truly at the speed of thought.

Enter: Scratchpad Notes!

Scratchpad Notes allows you to create, access, and update notes with critical information ANYWHERE on the web and is always connected to Salesforce.

Create and View Notes

Easily create and access your notes from your Scratchpad Homepage, the expanded view or anywhere on the web using Command. 🚨 With a paid plan, you can even view notes from your coworkers!

❓If a Note is not permanently deleted, does it stay in the trash can indefinitely?

β†’ As of today, yes. The Note will remain in the trash can until you decide to permanently delete it.

❓Can you use text expanders, like Text Blaze, within Scratchpad?

β†’ Text expanders will work with Scratchpad's Web App - Learn more about the differences between our Chrome Extension and Web App here.

Format Your Note

You can take organized and easy-to-read notes with our quick formatting options including bulleted lists, numbered lists, checkboxes, colored text, and highlighting. Also, add important information via screenshots, images, or gifs for additional context!

πŸ”  Bold, Italicize, Underline, or Strikethrough: Select text and chose the desired formatting.

⏫ Change Size of Text: Select text and choose NORMAL, HEADING 1, HEADING 2, or HEADING 3 from the drop-down.

⚫️ Bullets: Type a hyphen "-" followed by the spacebar.

βœ… Check Boxes: Type an open square bracket "[" followed by a closed square bracket "]" followed by the spacebar.

#️⃣ Numbered List: Type the number "1" followed by the spacebar.

❗️ Highlight or Color Text: Select text and chose the desired color of text or highlight from menu

🌎 Hyperlinking: Select text and select the πŸ”— icon. Paste in URL.

😁 Adding Emojis: Either right-click and select "Emojis & Symbols" or use the keyboard shortcut "Control + Command + Spacebar" on a Mac or "Windows logo key + . (period)" on a PC.

πŸ–ΌοΈ Images & GIFs: Either drag and drop into the note or paste image into the note from your clipboard.

🚨 Due to SFDC not supporting formatting in notes, your synced notes will not appear with formatting created in Scratchpad.

Create and Use Templates

Today, notes may be freeform for yourself or lack standardization amongst your organization. You might copy and paste a template from an existing note to help you record important information from your calls or you might even be taking notes in an application that has no direct connection to your CRM. This could result in wasted time setting up the same note for every call. A lack of company-wide standards might also cause gaps in information retention, making team collaboration even more challenging. In Scratchpad, you can create note templates and share them with others; this creates better structure, standardization, and entire teams feel supported, guided, and capable of surfacing critical on each call.

🚨 You may choose between creating a personal template or sharing it organization-wide to help support your teammates. With a paid plan, there's an additional option to create a "role-based" template to streamline sales processes. Learn more about our plans here!

Get Your Notes into Salesforce

Allow greater visibility for leadership and ensure seamless hand-offs by linking and syncing your Scratchpad Note to one or more Salesforce records (i.e. Account, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity).

➑️ Once linked in Scratchpad, your note will live under the "Scratchpad Notes" section within the Salesforce record(s). 🚨 You must toggle on SFDC Integration in settings AND be using the Chrome Extension.

➑️ Once synced, your Scratchpad note will also live within the native "Notes" or "Notes and Attachment" section within the Salesforce record(s), becoming visible to anyone at your organization with an SFDC login, whether they are using Scratchpad or not.

🚨 Customers on a paid plan can have an expedited experience in notes when "Notes Auto-Sync" is enabled in their Studio settings (by their Scratchpad admin). "Notes Auto-Sync" automatically syncs the note once it is linked to a Salesforce record - no additional clicks to remember for your team!

❓ Do I need the Scratchpad Chrome Extension to sync my Notes to Salesforce?

β†’ No, you can accomplish this using, as well. You do, however, need the Chrome Extension and Salesforce Integration enabled to see the "Scratchpad Notes" section in your Salesforce.

Organize Your Scratchpad Notes

πŸ“‚ Folders

Once you have created a few notes, stay organized and easily find the note you need by creating and managing folders. You can have folders specifically for account notes, by month or date, or by each territory you are assigned.

πŸ”€ Sorting

Everyone has their own system for organizing their notes. With Scratchpad, we've made it easier for you to find the note you need with multiple sort options!

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