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Monitor Your Team's High-Value Opportunities
Monitor Your Team's High-Value Opportunities
BIG DEAL? No problem!
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Building and using reports in Salesforce can be difficult. Ultimately you will need to open up several tabs just to drill down to the information you need. With Scratchpad Grid and Kanban Views, inspecting these swing deals with precise filters is quick and simple.

If you wanted to keep a close eye on opportunities above a certain amount (let's say 80K or more), closing within the month or quarter, owned by a specific set of reps, for example, Scratchpad has your back. View all of those high-value opportunities on one page, add in your own notes, and seamlessly identify areas where your team needs support or coaching.

  1. Create a new view or duplicate an existing view.

  2. Make sure you bring in the fields you want to see.

  3. Open Filters and add the following filters:

    β†’ [All opportunities]

    β†’ [Closed] [is] {False]

    β†’ [Opportunity Owner] [is] [Your Reps listed]

    β†’ [Amount/ACV] [is greater than or equal to] [50000] - or whatever value you choose!

πŸ”₯ From here, feel free to group by Opportunity Owner, Stage, Forecast Status, etc. and calculate values. Add Deal Spotlights to surface missing and/or valuable information.

πŸ“ Finally, Comment on any opportunities you'd like for async communication!

🚨 Deal spotlighting is available on paid Scratchpad licenses. Learn more here.

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