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Customize your Pipeline View

Learn about the different ways to customize your views - fields, filters, highlights, grouping, and more!

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Fields & Sorting

Add Salesforce fields that are critical to your workflow into the view, move them where you need them, and sort as desired. Use multiple sort to take your view to the next level.

You can even bring in cross-object fields - these are fields from other objects!

Row Height

Change the row height on your Pipeline Grid views to improve the UI or allow long form fields to wrap their text.

  1. Select the Change row height icon

  2. Choose your desired row height: Short, Medium, Tall or Extra Tall

  3. Changes save automatically and are applied only to the current view

Naming Views

Rename your Grid or Kanban views so you can quickly differentiate between them. Select the ••• icon, then Rename view


Basic Filtering

Use Filters to view records that fit your specific criteria. Change the Scope to view My Opportunities, All Opportunities, or My Team's Opportunities.

  1. Navigate to Views from your Scratchpad Nav Bar

  2. Open up a Grid or Kanban View

  3. Select Filter from the menu bar and set your desired conditions

Filter Examples: Closed is False, Close Date is This Month, Last Activity is Last Week, Next Step is Empty, Amount greater than 100,000

Advanced Filtering

Want to add OR to your filtering or use boolean logic to narrow down the records in your view? Advanced Filters can help!

  1. Navigate to Views from your Scratchpad Nav Bar

  2. Open up a Grid or Kanban View

  3. Select Filter from the menu bar and set your desired conditions

  4. Toggle on Advanced Filters

  5. Select ANY or ALL for your set conditions

  6. When adding additional filters select Condition for a new rule or Group to set a new level of subsequent rules

Cross-Object Filtering

Apply filters from other objects to hone in on the records you want to see. You will see a 🔗 next to the field name to indicate that it's a cross-object field.


Conditional Highlights

Scratchpad's Conditional Highlights make it easy to add focus to your priority opportunities, action items, or your team initiatives. Conditional Highlights add a touch of color to your Pipeline Views without losing visibility of any other details within your view.

  1. Navigate to Views from your Scratchpad Nav Bar

  2. Open up a Grid or Kanban View

  3. Select Highlight from the menu bar

  4. Click + Add Highlight and select + Add condition

  5. Select your desired color and define a rule by adding a condition

  6. Cells are now highlighted based on the rule you defined, you can add multiple highlights to any view

  7. Hide a highlight by selecting the eye icon or dispose of the highlight by clicking on the trash icon

Change Highlights

Easily identify what has changed, better understand how deals have progressed, and more effectively coach your reps on their deals

  1. Open a Pipeline Grid View

  2. Select Highlight from the menu bar

  3. Toggle on Changes and select your desired time frame

  4. Any cell that was changed in Scratchpad over the selected time period will now be highlighted


  • Increase in number value

  • Date moved forward (earlier than last date selected)

  • New value chosen in picklist (new selection sits below old selection in dropdown)


  • Change in text

  • Empty cell → ≠ empty cell


  • Decrease in number value

  • Date moved out (later date than last selected)

  • New value chosen in picklist (new selection sits above old selection in dropdown)

Advanced Calculations

  1. Navigate to Views and open a Grid View

  2. Click Calculate at the bottom of your view to:

    • Count All: counts the total number of rows in the column, including blank rows

    • Average: computes the average of a numeric property

    • Sum: computes the sum of a numeric property


Grouping within Pipeline Grid Views helps you organize your data based on what matters to you. Group your Pipeline into manageable sections and do calculations, make updates in-line, or open a record to see details, all without opening a new tab!


Managers/team leads - grouping your team's opportunities by opportunity owner

Account executives - grouping opportunities by stage

Customer success - grouping support cases by status

  1. Navigate to Pipeline and open a Grid View

  2. Click Group from the menu bar

  3. Select what you want to group by

  4. To hide specific groups or edit its order, click on Edit group

  5. To remove a group, simply click on your current grouping then Remove group

💡 As records change, we will dynamically add and remove groups in your view

Please note, to improve the performance and loading time of views, grouping will only work with views that have fewer than 2,000 records.

To manage a larger dataset effectively, consider filtering the records to a more manageable number. You can filter by criteria such as date (e.g., this month, this quarter), specific stages, or specific owners. These filters will help you create a shorter, more relevant list of records, facilitating smoother and faster performance.

Kanban Views

Kanban views present each record as a card and are organized into columns, which can be grouped in myriad ways: by Opportunity Stage, by Forecast Category, Lead Source, etc.

Each card within the column can display key pieces of information such as opportunity name, closing date, amount, etc. You can customize each card by adding additional fields from your Salesforce instance.

  1. Navigate to Views and create a Kanban View

  2. Name the View, and select the Salesforce Object you'd like to view data for

  3. Choose the Group by Field you wish to use (Stage, Lead, Type, etc)

  4. Customize columns by selecting your desired picklist options

  5. Customize cards to select the fields you'd like to see on each card

  6. Add Highlights and Filters, if desired



In a Pipeline View, is it possible to unlock and move the default first column?

Not as of today, the left-most column is locked and all others are able to be moved

What triggers the “Next Meeting Scheduled” Calendar icon to show on an opportunity in Pipeline?

  1. Google Integration is enabled in Scratchpad

  2. There is an external participant on the Google Calendar event that is a contact in SFDC

  3. That participant is related to an account with an active opportunity or related to an opportunity contact role.

If there are multiple open Opportunities in an Account, we’ll only display the icon for the first Opportunity listed.

Does Scratchpad inherit formatting from SFDC for number fields?

As of today, we only add formatting like commas to currency fields

If a cell in grid view meets the criteria for two different spotlights (highlights), which color wins?

Whichever filter you have on top, wins. If you change the order, the color will change

Which field types are not supported for spotlights (highlights)?

Multipicklist, Rich Text, Address, and Integer field types are not supported as of today

Why is the field that I selected not populating in my Kanban View card?

If that field is null/empty, it will not show on the card in your Kanban View

Why can't I see my desired cross-object field?

You are able to view cross-object fields that have a one-to-one relationship with the object you are in.

One-to-one: In a one-to-one relationship, an object is only connected with one other object. It is a fundamental relationship between two objects

  • Example: every opportunity has ONE account it is related to, creating a 1:1 relationship.

One-to-many: In a one-to-many relationship one object is connected with many objects.

  • Example: an account can have MANY opportunities, so this would be a one-to-many relationship


Can I filter for a specific date range?

Yes, you can create a sandwich with filters to accomplish this:

1. XYZ date "is on or after" [select date]

2. XYZ date "is on or before" [select date}

Why can't I find a field I'm looking to filter by?

It's possible that the Field you are wanting to filter on is a Long Text or Text Area Field. This field type is not currently supported by Filters in Scratchpad due to a Salesforce limitation, but you can spotlight the field as a workaround!

Can Scratchpad filter Amount/Currency fields on converted currency amount, or just the display amount?

Today, Scratchpad only Filters on the numeric value entered into the Amount field, not the converted amount. As a result, opps matching the numeric value in the filter will be included, regardless of currency.

What determines the "My Team" scope?

This is based on your SFDC Hierarchy and assigned Roles. Here's a Salesforce Article that may help to adjust your Roles if they are not populating correctly.

How can I filter for deactivated or inactive users?

You can add a cross-object filter from Opportunity Owner for "Active is false" and surface all deactivated users. If you want to narrow down the list to a specific person, you can add a a filter for Opportunity Owner "Last Name is xx"


Can I export a grouped view?

Today, you cannot export from a grouped view. You can remove the group and then export.

Can I group by cross-object fields or close date?

As of today, you cannot group by cross-object fields or close date

Why are some values missing in my grouped view?

The group will not surface if there are no applicable records within them

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