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Zero Boards - Inbox Zero for CRM
Zero Boards - Inbox Zero for CRM

Take action on non-compliant deals to maintain data hygiene

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Zero Boards are grid views tailored to highlight specific tasks that demand your immediate action, like updating missing Next Steps or moving outdated Close Dates.

The goal is to clear these tasks from the board, achieving a 'zero' state that ensures all your critical activities are taken care of. Records will automatically be added to this view when they fit the criteria (ex. Close Date is before today), and removed when you make the necessary edits and refresh the view.

Leaders can also create Zero Boards, grouped by reps on their team, to get a quick high-level overview into deals or tasks that need actioning.

Types of Zero Boards

You can create a Zero Board in Scratchpad for any Salesforce object you work with, simply set your conditions using Filters and Highlights. Below are a few examples:


Close Date is on or before Today

Next Step is empty

Next Step Date is on or before Today

Last Activity is before Last Week


Next Step is empty

Health Score is Red

Last Activity is before Last Week

# of Opps is less than 1


Lead Status is Open - Not Contacted

Last Activity is before Last Week

Next Step is empty
​Lead Source is Referral

Create a Zero Board

Creating a Zero Board is as easy as creating a new view in Scratchpad. Watch this 5 minute video, or follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Views, create a new Grid View

  2. Add your desired Fields, be sure to include the fields you'd like to update

  3. Add Filters to surface out of compliance deals

    • Use the conditions in the examples above, or your desired conditions

    • Change the scope from All [Opportunities] to My [Opportunities] if you'd only like to see records assigned to you

  4. Add Highlights to draw attention to these fields, use the same conditions above

  5. Make the necessary updates and refresh your view until there are no action items left in your Zero Board!

β†’ If you're a leader, simply change the scope to "My Team's [Opportunities]" and add a Group for Opportunity Owner. Now you have a high-level overview that captures actions items for each member of your team.

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