Whether you use MEDDICC, BANT, CoM, 3 Why's or any other sales method out there, Scratchpad can help you quickly and easily identify which opportunities are right on track, and which ones need some more attention.

If you don't know what the phrase "Sale Method" refers to, this quick read from Salesforce can give you a great overview and even help you find the right method for your business and your team.

Checkout the video below to learn more about Sales Method Views for Managers. We're going to look at one of the most commonly used sales methods out there - MEDDPICC.

Please go ahead and comment below with any other views you think would be great for tracking progress!

To build the view you see in this video:

  1. Include the following Fields

    1. Opp Name, Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision Maker, Decision Criteria, Identify Pain, Champion, Competitors

  2. Set the following Filters

    1. My Teams' Opportunities - or - All Opportunities (with filters for Opportunity Owner)

    2. Closed = False

  3. Apply the following Group

    1. Group = Opportunity Owner

    2. Select all the members of your team

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