Saving Notes Shared with You

Never lose a note shared by a colleague again!

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You've just crafted a beautiful, immensely helpful note that you know many of your teammates would want to review and save. You quickly share your note with your teammates and find fulfillment in knowing how much you've just helped your team.

A few minutes later you remember times when your manager has shared notes directly with you. You know that you'll receive an email with a link to the note, but remember that the note didn't automatically save alongside your own.

Here's a handy Pro-Tip for easily storing and efficiently finding those shared notes:

  1. Create one note that will be used to house all shared notes

    1. Give it a quirky, descriptive title such as: Links to Shared Notes

  2. Create a framework for easy research

    1. Depending on the quantity of shared notes, sub-categories may be helpful

  3. Write out the title of the note that was shared with you

  4. Retrieve the URL link to the note from the email you received

  5. Highlight the title of the note and Link the URL

  6. Enjoy the time you've now saved in searching through your email

Here's a quick video to demonstrate:

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