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Share Notes with Teammates/Managers
Share Notes with Teammates/Managers
Provide your colleagues access to your notes for better collaboration on opportunities, accounts, campaigns, etc in seconds!
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We often hear from salespeople that collaboration on deals includes unique how challenges, especially when everyone is using their own tools to maintain account notes. With Scratchpad notes, you can record valuable information about an opportunity or account, link it to its Salesforce record (creating visibility in Salesforce as well), and share your Scratchpad note with colleagues who are also involved with that deal.

There are two ways that you can share your notes with a colleague:

  1. Create a new note in your Scratchpad workspace by clicking the '+' in your notes toolbar on the left of your screen.

  2. Give your note a title.

  3. Record the information pertinent to that opportunity/account.

  4. Click 'link note to salesforce' in the top-right corner of your note.

  5. Select the opportunity (or contact, or lead, or account) in SFDC you want to link it to.

  6. In the top-right corner, click 'Share'; you can type in the name of the colleague who you'd like to share it with (and they'll receive an email with a link to the note) OR you can simply click 'copy note link' at the bottom-right of the dialogue box that pops up. Drop that link into a message for your colleague!

❓ Can Scratchpad Notes be shared with someone that doesn't have Scratchpad?

β†’ You can't share the direct link, but if you sync your Note to Salesforce - anyone with SFDC access can view it

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