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Creating a Pipeline View When you are Not the Record Owner
Creating a Pipeline View When you are Not the Record Owner
Adjusting the filtering in a Pipeline View will allow you to surface any Salesforce record, even if you are not the owner.
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You can easily surface the records you need, whether you own them or not! Think of all you can do by not being limited to being the record owner!

1. Create or open a Grid or Kanban View in Pipeline

2. Navigate to Filters and adjust the filtering from "My _____" to "All _____"

3. Now you can add filters and surface all records in Salesforce, not just what is assigned to you. Below are a few example scenarios:

πŸ”₯ The possibilities are ENDLESS! πŸ”₯

SDRs working with Contacts in an AE's name

BDRs wanting to see Opportunities that they created but do not own

Managers wanting to see Opportunities from certain members of their team

AEs and SDRs prospecting into Accounts in the Technology Industry

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