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A Better Way: Remediate Bulk Update Errors in Seconds
A Better Way: Remediate Bulk Update Errors in Seconds

Identify and mass resolve the errors in your bulk update!

Updated over a week ago

When changing the Stage on multiple records in Salesforce we are sometimes greeted with an error message, with no additional context. This is in addition to the tediousness that is updating multiple records in Salesforce. Scratchpad is here to help two-fold! Not only will you be notified regarding which field is causing the error, you are also able to the mass update the errored field, allowing you to complete your initial Bulk Update all within seconds!

  1. Select the records that you would like to bulk update by clicking the checkbox on the far left of the record.

  2. Navigate towards the top of your pipeline view and select Bulk Update

  3. Select the field(s) you would like to bulk update

    1. In this example we update the stage to close lost

  4. In the event that there is an error with the update, Scratchpad will notify you of said error at the bottom of your pipeline in red.

    1. In this example, the error is "lost reason"

  5. From here you can simply bulk update the error field

    1. In this example, "lost reason" is bulk updated

  6. After the errored field has been addressed, you can then make your bulk update!

Let's see this in action!

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