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Update Salesforce Fields Directly From Your Notes
Update Salesforce Fields Directly From Your Notes

Keep on top of Salesforce data entry by updating fields during or right after your meeting using Tiles

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Reps can simultaneously update their notes and fields, providing leadership with immediate visibility into status of opportunities.

Are you tired of your manager nagging you about your call notes and updating next steps?

Or are you a RevOps leader frustrated that reps aren’t adhering to your processes?

Imagine if you could effortlessly improve the quality of data in Salesforce by working on your notes alongside opportunity in Salesforce.

Now, you can!

By linking your Scratchpad Notes to any record, all record details can be viewed side-by-side with your notes in an expanded view. You can ensure better data hygiene by updating your opportunity, lead, contact, or any record in Salesforce without hassle of tracking down call notes at the end of the day or week and copying and pasting. Scratchpad notes auto-syncs to Salesforce and are easy to format and organize, ensuring that all context on a record is included in Salesforce.

Reps have efficient workflows, managers have visibility, and RevOps processes are followed — everyone is happy!


  1. Create a new note. Insert any note template desired (if desired)

  2. Click "Link Note to Salesforce" and type in desired record you'd like to associate with this note. If you desire to associate other records as well, simply "edit" and add additional records.

  3. If you do not have a Process Adherence plan with auto-sync turned on, make sure to click the cloud icon ☁️ to create a SFDC note record.

  4. From your expanded view on the right side, you may now edit any and all SFDC fields on your linked records!

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