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Avoid Error Messages by Adding Required Fields
Avoid Error Messages by Adding Required Fields
Add required fields to your pipeline view, overview tile, and/or custom tile.
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When creating or updating a Salesforce record, you may have received an error message indicating that required fields are missing.

First, let's talk about why you may be receiving the error.

Scratchpad adheres to all of your Salesforce rules and validations; none will be added or removed. For example, if there are particular fields that need to be completed prior to creating a record or moving a stage forward, Scratchpad will bring this to your attention via an error message at the top of your screen like pictured below ⬇️

Now, let's walk through how to add these required fields in three different views:

Add Required Fields in Your Pipeline Grid View

Add Required Fields in Your Overview Tile

Add Required Fields via a Custom Tile

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