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CSMs: Take Notes on Calls & Log Activity Simultaneously
CSMs: Take Notes on Calls & Log Activity Simultaneously
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As a busy CSM, customer satisfaction, adoption, and retention are of the utmost importance. This means that keeping track of pertinent information regarding the status of your accounts should be organized and concise. Note-taking in Scratchpad makes this possible by employing templates and utilizing expanded view simultaneously.

With templates in Scratchpad notes, be ready for your calls with all the right questions in seconds. Pull up an expanded view of the account concerned and fill out your activity tile in a flash. Before you can even mouth the words “sales are dope, never ever stop selling”, your activity is safely logged in Salesforce 🤪

Take a look at the visuals below 👇

Create a template for the type of call(s) you make:

Employ the template that corresponds to the type of call you're making:

Link your note to the record you want and click on the 'log-a-call' tile:

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