Rollup and Deals View

Track the status of your deals at every level

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Run weekly rollups in minutes, based on your Salesforce data combined with manual overrides and adjustments where needed - all in an intuitive and familiar spreadsheet-like format.

  1. Click Forecast from your Scratchpad Homepage, then Rollup

  2. Dive deeper into your forecast by clicking on a team, individual, or category - like Commit

  3. Get a quick snapshot of deals in the right panel and make overrides for yourself, if needed

  4. Take it a step further by clicking View Deals to see your deals in a grid view, similar to Scratchpad Pipeline

  5. Click into specific deals to get better context into why numbers are changing, Calculate totals, add Highlights to draw attention to action items, and add Filters to narrow down the data

What is the difference between Rollup and Sum?

Rollup: The sum of your direct reports’ calls, which may include manual adjustments

Sum: The raw sum of the CARR field for all opportunities that are included in each category/column

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