Deal Room Automations

Learn how to automatically create deal room channels in Slack for better pipeline visibility and cross-team collaboration

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In the chaotic world of pipeline management, maintaining transparency and fostering cross-team collaboration are paramount. However, the manual creation and tracking of deal rooms in Slack can be a time-consuming task, leading to delays, oversights, and missed opportunities.

With Deal Room Automations, you can automatically generate deal rooms in Slack based on predefined conditions. This allows for proactive information sharing, leaving no room for overlooked details. Now, your team can channel their energy towards propelling the deal forward without missing a beat.

Required: Choose a Salesforce Field to Store Deal Room IDs

To create a Deal Room Automation, you need to provide a custom Salesforce field that we can use to store the Slack channel IDs of the created deal rooms.

This is necessary so you can later reference this field when sending automated notifications to the deal room for each record, like sending Acme-related alerts to #deal-acme, and Dunder Mifflin ones to #deal-dundermifflin.



Deal room ID (in SFDC)


C05LNNGGCLV (points to #deal-acme)

Dunder Mifflin

C94LTTPHCPK (points to #deal-dundermifflin)

To add a custom Salesforce field for Slack channel IDs:

  1. Navigate to Object Manager in SFDC Settings

  2. Choose the Object

    • Field on the Account Object: If you want multiple opportunities that belong to the same account to live in the same Deal room channel

    • Field on the Opportunity Object: If you want a separate deal room channel for each type of Opportunity

  3. Set the custom Salesforce field as a text field

  4. Name the field, recommendations include: Deal Room ID, Slack Channel ID, Channel ID, etc.

Required: Slack Workspace Settings

Please configure the following Slack workspace settings so Scratchpad can help manage your deal rooms.

  1. Navigate to your Workspace in the top left corner of Slack

  2. Select Tools & settings, then Workspace settings

  3. Under the Permissions tab, expand Channel Management

  4. Set the setting under People who can create public channels to Everyone, except guests (default)

Configure an Automation to Automatically Create Deal Rooms

  1. Navigate to Automations within your Scratchpad Navigation Sidebar

  2. Select + New Automation in the top right, then Create a Deal Room

  3. Name your Automation and add additional Conditions, if you'd like

    • Example: Amount is greater than $50K

  4. Under Configuration, select the Deal room ID field so we can save the Slack channel IDs for newly created deal rooms

  5. Set your desired Deal room name with variables. We will follow Slack channel guidelines:

    • Conversation names can only contain lowercase letters, numbers, hyphens, and underscores, and must be 80 characters or less.

    • Channel name cannot be the same as a Workspace Member or Bot.

    • If variable names introduce special characters, we will remove them. If variable names make the resulting channel name exceed 80 characters, we will truncate it to 80 characters.

  6. Invite key stakeholders under User or User fields, then customize your Welcome message

  7. Select Save in the top right corner

Send Dynamic Notifications to Deal Rooms

Now that your Deal Rooms are created, you can leverage Automations to send dynamic deal alerts to these channels in Slack - bringing visibility to updates and changes.

We'll be using the Deal room ID field you set earlier. Scratchpad will automatically recognize the Account or Opportunity based on the Deal room ID and fire the Automation to the respective Deal Room - like sending Acme-related alerts to #deal-acme, and Dunder Mifflin ones to #deal-dundermifflin.

  1. Navigate to Automations within your Scratchpad Navigation Sidebar

  2. Select + New Automation in the top right, then Start from scratch or select a template of your choice

  3. Configure the Automation to your liking, learn more here

    • Example: Change-Based Automation for Stage progressions

  4. Toggle on Slack under Delivery Methods, learn more on Slack Automations here

  5. Under Slack Channels, select the field you created under Deal room ID fields

  6. Select Save in the top right corner

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