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Quickly See Empty Next Steps
Quickly See Empty Next Steps
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Staying on top of a deal can be challenging but it's easier to do when you know what the next step is in the process. Not only is this information super useful, but it can give you the exact action that needs to be taken next! This is why you always hear "update your next steps!!" from your manager.

Let's walk through a quick and easy way to stay on top of empty next steps via spotlighting:

  1. Find a view you love!

    Suggestion: Bring in NEXT STEP field (not required)

  2. Add Highlight:

    1. Click Highlight at the top of your grid view

    2. Select + Add Highlight and then + Add custom highlight

  3. Add [Next Step] [is empty]

🚨 Deal spotlighting is available on paid licenses. Learn more here.

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