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Filter and batch update your tasks from pipeline view!
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If you use Outreach, which often duplicates tasks, you might be facing challenges or feeling overwhelmed seeing all of this in your list of things to do. With a pipeline view of your tasks, you can take your power back!

As with other pipeline views (opportunities, accounts, contacts, etc), you can customize a grid view of tasks: bring in the fields that matter and do away with the rest. Filter for tasks that contain Outreach in the subject and batch update them as you need. You'll save yourself time and an unnecessary headache.

  • Once the 'Tasks' object is enabled for your pipeline, filter for your tasks ('My Tasks').

  • Click the 'Fields' button to bring in the fields that would be most important to look at in pipeline (i.e. status, related to, due date, name, etc)

  • Add filters to remove those pesky Outreach tasks in two ways:

Bulk updating the status of all tasks whose subject contains 'OUTREACH'

Completely filtering out tasks whose subject contains the word 'OUTREACH'

  • Add a filter for "subject contains outreach"

  • Add another filter for "status is not complete"

  • Bulk update the status of the tasks that surface

**You can bulk update up to 1,000 records at a time!

  • Add a filter for "status is not complete"

  • Add a filter for "subject does not contain outreach"

**You can also add a filter for "due date is this week" or anything else so you don't see super future tasks!

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