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Scratchpad Command (CMD/CTRL+J)
Scratchpad Command (CMD/CTRL+J)

Use Scratchpad Command anywhere on the web for the fastest possible way to update or create Salesforce records

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The power of Salesforce in your back pocket with Command

Working in Salesforce can be time-consuming when you need to look up a contact, update a record, create a task, or record information about a prospect. You have to log in, open tabs, search, click fields, update information, and save. You don’t have time for that. Nobody does. There's a better way!

What if all the data in Salesforce was available to you at your fingertips? What if Salesforce came to you instead of you having to deal with the complexity of Salesforce? Now you can, Scratchpad Command simplifies your sales process with the fastest experience to create tasks, contacts, leads, opportunities, and update next steps, from anywhere on the web.

  1. Navigate to the Gear Icon in the bottom-left corner of your Scratchpad homepage

  2. Select Integrations on the left menu bar and add Scratchpad Command

  3. Open a new tab and enter the keyboard shortcut CMD+J (Mac) or CTRL+J (PC) to bring up Scratchpad Command

  4. Search for existing or create new Salesforce records like opportunities, contacts, accounts, leads, tasks, etc.

Using Command with your Tech Stack



Google Mail

Google Calendar

Google Sheets




For this workflow, you will have to use Slack in your browser, not the app


Can you search for records under a custom object through Command?

This is not possible as of today, you would have to search the main object that it is related to surface it

Is the layout of Scratchpad Command customizable?

As of today, you are not able to customize the layout of Command

Can you change what populates next to the Command search result?

This is not configurable at the moment. For Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts and Tasks, we show Stage, Account Owner, Email, and Description, respectively.

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