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A Better Way: Manager & Rep Collaboration on Task Management
A Better Way: Manager & Rep Collaboration on Task Management
Crisis Management or Collaboration? You decide πŸ‘€
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With collaboration being a key component in getting deals across the finish line, a seamless and static system/process for communication between managers and reps is not a 'nice to have' - it's just smart practice.

While we may all love the internal tools that allow us to chat and share with our colleagues - be it G-chat, Slack, email, MS Teams - we can probably all agree that messages and pertinent information coming from everywhere gets chaotic and things are likely to fall through the cracks. Action items get stored in different documents across platforms and before you know it, you're in crisis management mode, frustrated, as you search multiple places for the information you need. There has to be a better way...

With Tasks in Scratchpad Pipeline, managers can configure a Grid View of important action items on opportunities/accounts that their associates create. The benefits to this are plenty:

  • Managers can filter the Tasks down by key criterion (ex: subject line, 'Created by ID', etc)

  • Pipeline gives a quick glimpse at multiple Tasks all in one view

  • Manager and associate are able to collaborate asynchronously

  • With one hub for Task management, nothing gets lost

Let's do it together:

  1. Select the "Task" object from the options provided in pipeline

  2. Configure the filters that make the most sense for you

    1. Example: "Created by ID is...[enter rep name]", followed by "subject contains...[key word(s)]"

  3. You can mark your Task as completed on its Tile OR you can do so directly in Pipeline with the "Status" is a field in your Grid View

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