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Better Task Management Collaboration between Managers & Reps
Better Task Management Collaboration between Managers & Reps

Collaborate and share important details of your deals, tasks, and next steps in one place.

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Collaboration is important to get deals done. Having a smooth system for managers and reps to communicate is not just a good idea, it's smart..

We enjoy using internal tools to chat and share information with our colleagues, like G-chat, Slack, email, and MS Teams. But when messages and important deal information come from different places, it can be confusing where to look and things always fall through the cracks.

With Tasks in Scratchpad Pipeline, managers can configure a Grid View of important action items for opportunities and accounts that their reps create. Now Managers can:

  • Filter tasks by a key criterion such as the subject line or 'Created by ID'.

  • See at a glance multiple Tasks in one view

  • Collaborate on tasks asynchronously with their reps

  • Ensure nothing falls through the cracks with one hub for task management

Let's do it together

  1. Select the "Task" object from the options provided in pipeline

  2. Configure the filters that make the most sense for you

    1. Example: "Created by ID is...[enter rep name]", followed by "subject contains...[key word(s)]"

  3. You can mark your Task as completed on its Tile OR you can do so directly in Pipeline with the "Status" is a field in your Grid View

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