Scratchpad for SDR Managers

Get the ideas flowing around how to utilize Scratchpad when you lead an SDR team

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Not sure where to get started? Do not fret, we're here to help! 😎

We know how important it is to stay on top of your team's activity, lead statuses, and note quality as they handoff opportunities to AE's. With Scratchpad, you can easy gain visibility into your team's performance with Deal Spotlights for action items, Commenting to keep a running record of communication, Tiles for Manager Feedback, and more!

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✨ Pro-Tip: Create a Grid View to monitor Opportunities sourced by your SDRs ⬇️

β†’ Filtered for:

  • Closed is False

  • SDR is xx, xx, xx

  • Close Date is This Fiscal Year

β†’ Grouped by SDR

β†’ Deal Spotlights for:

  • Close Dates in the past

  • Amount > $100,000 (or your ideal threshold)

  • Close Date is within the Next 90 Days

  • Stage is Negotiation/Review or Registration (or your ideal stages)

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