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Scratchpad Pipeline Views

Learn all about the different types of Pipeline Views

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Create new views and duplicate old ones to make your data work for you.

As a Sales or RevOps manager, are you struggling to ensure adherence to the sales process? Or are you a representative who has difficulty staying organized and remembering to copy and paste everything into Salesforce? Imagine managing your opportunities more easily, keeping your data clean, and closing deals faster.

Good news! Scratchpad can make this happen!

With Pipeline Views, you can easily customize your views by selecting fields and filters, effortlessly tracking your opportunities, accounts, and deals. You can also add spotlights to high priority deals and share your favorite views them with your team members.

Show me! πŸ‘€

πŸ‘‰ Grid Views

πŸ‘‰ Kanban Views

Grid View

Surface what you want, how you want, and when you want! Never waste time or energy building out that Salesforce Report again! With Scratchpad's Grid View, you can add any fields or filters your heart desires to ensure you are keeping your records up to date.

🎯 Build a view for This Quarter's Opportunities, Accounts in your territories for prospecting, Contacts or leads you are nurturing, etc. The possibilities are endless! πŸ”₯

Kanban View

A high-level view to manage your pipeline in a board layout! See how you and/or your team are doing in a quick glance.

Adding Objects to Your Pipeline

  1. From your Scratchpad homepage, click on Pipeline, located at the top of the screen.

  2. Click the (+) button at the top of the pipeline.

  3. Click on the box located next to the object you'd like to add.

🚨 You cannot create a pipeline view of "Notes" at this time due to SFDC limitations.

➑️ To create an additional view of the object you're already viewing, you can learn how to do that here.

Creating Views

You can also easily:

⭐️ Draw attention to important fields with Deal Spotlights

⭐️ Share your favorite Pipeline View with your team members

⭐️ Organize your views with folders

⭐️ Easily access and update additional information from the Expanded View

🚨 Deal spotlighting is available on paid licenses. Learn more here.

Create a New View From Scratch:

  1. Open up the Pipeline sidebar by clicking on the menu in the upper left of your view

  2. Hover over MY VIEWS and click "+" that appears to the right or click "+ NEW" at the bottom left, then choose between creating a grid or a kanban view

  3. Rename the view to reflect what filters this view will represent

  4. Add the filters and fields that map to what you want to see in this view

Duplicating an Existing View:

  1. Select an existing view, click the "...", and then "duplicate view."

  2. Rename the view to reflect what filters this view will represent

  3. Add the filters that map to what you want to see in this view

πŸͺ„ Pro-Tip: Share your favorite views with your team!

❌ To REMOVE objects from your pipeline view:

  1. Click the (+) button

  2. Unselect the blue checkmark next to the object

🚨You cannot delete the last/only view for any object. You can simply hide the view by removing the object.

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