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Use a Pipeline View of Events to Maintain Meeting Visibility
Use a Pipeline View of Events to Maintain Meeting Visibility

Rest assured that your meetings are accurately recorded and pre/post tasks are complete.

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Sales friends - this is not a drill! Sometimes, life comes at you fast and before you know it, you’re juggling more meetings than you may have initially planned for. If you’re like some of us over here at Scratchpad, you can appreciate a crisp, clean grid-view of all of your events (and maybe even your teammates' events) for a number of reasons...

You might want to a quick glance at all of the events scheduled for this week so you can conduct account research before-hand:

You might want to keep a list of completed events handy if meeting capacity is one of the key metrics you and your supervisor go over; having this list handy can allow you to identify whether all completed events on the list did in fact take place, whether a completed event happened but isn't reflected in the list, or whether the status of that meeting is correct (example: client accepted the meeting, but then was a 'no-show' - you'll need to mark that accordingly!):

You might want to keep a view of events where your recipient has canceled and not rescheduled, or simply not responded, so that you can proactively reach out to suggest rescheduling or free up some time for another important connection:

No matter the view, pipeline view and its easy customization via spotlighting and filters, Scratchpad has you covered 😎

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